I.O.S. Investors Overseas Services


Venture Fund Ltd.

INVESTORS OVERSEAS SERVICES LTD. (I.O.S.) was incorporated under the laws of the Dominion of Canada on January 28, 1953. Principal Offices were located in Geneva, Switzerland.  By 1970, The company had grown to over $2.5 billion USD under management in a variety of mutual funds. Due to the decline in value in a number of questionable investments, and following charges of embezzlement filed against  founder Bernard Cornfeld's successor Robert Vesco and other I.O.S managers, the company went bankrupt in 1973.

In 1968, I.O.S. Regent Fund Limited became known as I.O.S. Venture Fund Ltd. In 1970. Venture Fund changed name to  I.O.S. Canadian Venture Fund. In 1971, Canadian Venture became Regent Venture Fund Ltd.

Because investors were scattered across a number of countries, and due to the fact many hold certificates in bearer form, there are still many millions of dollars waiting to be claimed by unaware stockholders. Prompt action should be taken, however, as there are time limits on the filing of certain types of claims.

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